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Sri lanka Mathematical Olympiad

The Sri Lankan Mathematical Olympiad consists of two competitions: Sri Lankan Mathematics Competition (SLMC) and Sri Lankan Mathematics Challenge Competition (SLMCC)..


Sri Lanka Mathematics Competition

This competition consists of 30 challenging multiple choice questions based on basic grade 9 mathematics with a time limit of 90 minutes and is specially designed to create an interest in mathematics taught at schools- this is given in all three mediums; Sinhala, Tamil and English. Unlike formal examinations in mathematics, the problems in this competition are set in situations to which students can relate, indicating relevance in mathematics in their everyday lives. The competition is designed to be enjoyable and of sufficient interest to stimulate discussions at a later time, with friends, parents or in the class. This competition is open to any student from a local or international school and the first 30 students in this competition will be invited to participate in the Sri Lankan Mathematics Challenge Competition. High distinction and distinction certificates will be awarded to students who perform well in the Sri Lankan Mathematics Competition. Moreover students from grades 6-11 who has not received high distinction or distinction certificates but has performed creditably according to a criteria based on the distribution of marks determined by the Sri Lanka Olympiad Mathematics Foundation will receive honorable mentions.


Sri Lankan Mathematics Challenge Competition

This consists of 5 essay type problems with a time of four and half hours and is designed to test the students to the limit. All the participants in the Sri Lankan Mathematics Challenge Competition will be awarded participation certificates and the first six will be awarded medals as winners of the Sri Lankan Mathematical Olympiad; one Gold medal, two Silver medals and three Bronze medals. The first 10-15 participants of the Sri Lankan Mathematics Challenge Competition who have demonstrated strong problem solving skills will be invited to participate in IMO Team Selection Tests (IMOTST) to select a team of at most six students to compete in the annual International Mathematical Olympiad.