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Sri Lankan Mathematics Competitions 2019

Postponed to April 27th from April 6th.
SLMC 8, 11 and 13 will be held on April 27th
from 10:30 to 12 noon.

  •  Admission cards will be sent by the Department of Examinations Sri   Lanka by post and also made available in DOE website.
  •  You can refer our website to get the index number.

If you don’t get admission cards by April 24th and if the index number is not found in our website, please send the following text to Wg Cdr (rtd) P Jayawickrama at 076 455 3219:

Private Applicants: your name_pa_mobile no used to register
School Applicants: your name_school name_postal town_sa

The Sri Lankan Mathematics Competition 8 (SLMC 8) is based on basic grade 6 mathematics and designed to let students have a positive experience in mathematics. All the students in grades 6-8, irrespective of their marks in mathematics at school tests, should participate in this competition. The Sri Lankan Mathematics Competition 11 (SLMC 11) and the Sri Lankan Mathematics Competition 13 (SLMC 13) are based on basic grade 8 and 11 mathematics respectively and designed to help students develop their mathematical thinking. Also, by participating in SLMC 11 and SLMC 13 students get the opportunity to participate in the international mathematics competitions TIMO, HKIMO, WIMO, IMC & IMO. For more details read the SLMC 2019 Booklets in the 3 languages.


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