Sri Lanka Team to IMO 2019

60th International Mathematical Olympiad this year will be held from 14th to 22nd of July at the University of Bath in UK.

Nelushi Vithanaachchi of Vishakha College Colombo, Sithija Kotuwewatta and Maneth Perera (Maneth in the right corner) of Royal College Colombo, Kisara Kodithuwakku of Richmond College Galle, Sandaru Balahewa of Mahinda College Galle and Ghaura Mahabaduge of Ananda College Colombo (next to Maneth in the photo), have been selected to represent Sri Lanka in this apex global mathematical contest annually fought keenly by competitors from over 100 countries.

Both Maneth and Ghaura in this team are IMO bronze medalists of yesteryears. Dr. Dayal Dharmasena (Senior lecturer, Department of Mathematics, University of Colombo) is leading the team with Dr. Kaushika de Silva (Senior Lecturer, Mathematics Department, University of Jayawardenapura) deputizing. Dr. Chanakya Wijeratne (Senior Lecturer and former Head – Department of Mathematics, University of Colombo and founder – Sri Lanka Olympiad Mathematics Foundation) will join the team as the observer.

Sri Lanka Olympiad Mathematics Foundation selected the team through the Sri Lanka Mathematical Olympiad 2018-2019. IMO team selection is a grueling four layered mathematical contest consisting of Sri Lanka Mathematics Competition, Sri Lanka Mathematics Challenge Competition, IMO Pool Test and four IMO Team Selection Tests (this year reduced to three). The team has been training hard under the able guidance of the aforementioned dedicated University staff to bring gold medals to our motherland this year. The picture above was taken when they were having a break during the residential training camp.

The team will take their flight to UK on 13th instant. We fervently wish our team best of luck at the International Mathematical Olympiad 2019.