EDS Meet a Mathematician Guest Series Session #3

In Retrospect……

Sad Merchant – Problem Solving Session

We believe that the series of discussions ( ” Mathematics ) that EDS has organized for the benefit of students is providing a great opportunity for them to get first-hand interaction with Mathematicians of repute.

  • It not only is an opportunity to learn the art of mathematics, but also an opportunity to get to know its impact and applications in different areas of learning.
  • A window to see what future holds for you, the aspiring mathematicians.
  • An opportunity to motivate and guide yourself …to mould your own career path.
  • To think differently.
  • To think out of the box.

It’s heartening to see the willingness of the mathematicians – the experts in the profession – to come forward – to share their experiences, to motivate; to guide the students.

Our last guest, Prof Gajath has shared with us his feedback and made a few suggestions for the benefit of students as follows.

….here are some excerpts – in own words of Prof Gajath:

“ They all want to know quick ways to become researchers 😊.

One participant asked about practising Olympiad type problems and here is one good source:

Unfortunately, Purdue has stopped posting problems as of 2019, but the archive is still there

and it contains a lot of great problems.

I also maintain such a web site for the university I work:

Everybody is welcome to submit solutions. ”