Singapore International Mastery Contest Centre (SIMCC) has offered Sri Lankan students an opportunity to compete in their STEAM AHEAD competition series final events, without the pre-requisite of medals in previous rounds. The competitions will be conducted online on 5th of December.

International Junior Math Olympiad (IJMO) for students of grades 2-10 and VANDA Science Global Finals for students of grades 3 -10. More details on the two competitions >>

Please call Dr. Chanakya on 076 455 3215 for clarifications on competitions & Wg Cdr (rtd) Priyantha Jayawickrama on 076455 3219 for clarifications on registrations.

Apply now.
Registrations closed

Contest fee:
IJMO: 12,500.00LKR
VANDA Sc GF: 18,500.00 LKR